Three Electronic Drum Kits

Mega Kit:
This is the biggest drum kit I ever performed on. I brought it to the 2019 Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs, NY to play with Cloud Ten, Drive Train, and the Flurry Festival Big Band. It’s a combination of three electronic drum kits, and a pleasure to play on.
Download a .pdf of the sample assignment and I/O

Roland V-Drums TD25
Roland Octapad SPD-30
Alesis DM5
Orchid Electronic Muting DI Box

Roland KD-7
Roland KD-9
Roland PDX-100 x2
Roland PD-85 x2
Roland VH-11
Roland CY-12C x2
Roland CY-13R
Alesis DM5-C x4
Alesis DM5-P x4
Meinl Shaker
Boss FS-6

Pearl Kick Pedal
Pearl Hi Hat Stand
PDP Kick Pedal
Cymbal Stand w/ APC-33
Roland MDS-9SC